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source;Phys.orgSkoltech researchers and their colleagues from MIPT and China's Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research have computationally explored the stability of the bizarre compounds of hydrogen, lanthanum, and magnesium that exist at very high pressures. In addition to matching the various three-element combinations to the conditions at which they are stable, the team discovered five completely new compounds of hydrogen and either magnesium or lanthanum only.Published in Materials Today Physics, the study is part of the ongoing search for room-temperature su...
Release time: 2024 - 02 - 29
source:Mining reviewRRainbow Rare Earths has achieved group separation of rare earth elements through initial ion exchange test work ongoing in the USA.This achievement marks a significant leap forward in the rare earth oxide separation process, opening doors to the production of individual rare earth oxides. With a primary focus on delivering high-purity neodymium and praseodymium (NdPr) oxide, Rainbow’s back-end piloting campaign sets the stage for further advancements in separating dysprosium (Dy) and terbium (Tb) oxides.Additionally, the potential for group separation of samarium (Sm), eur...
Release time: 2024 - 02 - 28
Exploring the rich potential of copper and rare earth elements: A deep dive into Rincon Resources’ West Arunta project source:Innovation news workRincon Resources’ exploration of Australia’s newest critical mineral province, the West Arunta Region, has yielded highly promising results thus far.Rincon Resources is an Australian minerals exploration company with a keen eye on Western Australia’s mineral-rich landscapes, where it has set its sights on unlocking the untapped potential for big copper and rare earth element (REE) deposits.Boasting a portfolio of highly prospective projects, Rin...
Release time: 2024 - 02 - 27
source:MiningRare earth elements (REE) are used in the high-strength magnets found in new technologies such as smartphones, wind turbines, electric vehicles, and defence systems. Despite their name, REEs are not rare, although finding secure sources of supply is becoming increasingly important to countries, particularly given China's dominance of the sector.Yet in 2023, REE prices tumbled. The price (in China) of praseodymium oxide — one of the most widely used rare earth elements — fell 34% over the year, while terbium oxide and neodymium oxide each dropped to their lowest levels last mon...
Release time: 2024 - 02 - 26
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