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source:Innovation news networkA research team led by the University of Alaska Fairbanks has been awarded a $1.9m federal grant to explore whether Southeast Alaskan seaweed is absorbing rare earths.The study will look at Alaskan seaweed near Bokan Mountain, a remote landmark on Prince of Wales Island known to contain rare earths.The team will begin collecting and analysing seaweed samples in March 2024 to learn whether a large amount of the metals that were washed into the ocean are being absorbed.Lead researcher Schery Umanzor, an assistant professor of marine biology at UAF’s College of Fishe...
Release time: 2024 - 03 - 11
source:Innovation news workRare Element Resources’ rare earth recovery technology has significant economic and environmental advantages over traditional methods and will be refined and confirmed at a demonstration scale in mid-2024.Rare Element Resources (RER), in cooperation with its technology partner, defence and diversified technology industry leader General Atomics (GA), and the Department of Energy (DOE), has engineered and is currently constructing a rare earth processing and separation plant to scale-up and further refine their innovative rare earth recovery technology.This rare earth ...
Release time: 2024 - 03 - 08
Appia Rare Earths and Uranium Corp: Developing critical REE and uranium assets to power tomorrow’s technologies today source:innovation news workAppia’s portfolio, spanning regions in Canada rich in both REE and uranium, along with the promising PCH Ionic Adsorption Clay REE project in Brazil, has great potential for our clean energy future.Rare earth elements (REE) remain largely unnoticed in our daily lives. Yet these seventeen minerals, including the priority magnet REE neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium, will play a vital role in powering the 21st-century technologies we ...
Release time: 2024 - 03 - 07
source:phys.orgResearchers have developed a new system for imaging nanoparticles. It consists of a high-precision, short-wave infrared imaging technique capable of capturing the photoluminescence lifetimes of rare-earth doped nanoparticles in the micro- to millisecond range.This discovery, which is titled "Short-wave Infrared Photoluminescence Lifetime Mapping of Rare-Earth Doped Nanoparticles Using All-Optical Streak Imaging" and published in the journal Advanced Science, paves the way for promising applications, particularly in the biomedical and information security fields.Rare-ea...
Release time: 2024 - 03 - 06
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