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source: Trinity College DublinResearchers from Trinity College Dublin's School of Natural Sciences have revealed a novel route to the formation of bastnäsite, a crucial mineral for the extraction of rare earth elements (REEs). Their work offers promise in one day making the extraction of these REEs more efficient.The study, published today in the journal Nanoscale, uncovers for the first time how fluocerite, a rare mineral, quickly forms and transforms into bastnäsite. The occurrence and origin of fluocerite in natural deposits has not been fully understood, and it has been very ...
Release time: 2024 - 06 - 28
source: Chiba UniversityHydrocarbazole is a crucial compound in organic chemistry, serving as a building block for various biologically active compounds, including pesticides such as strychnine and anticancer drugs such as vinblastine and minovincine. Consequently, the development of synthesis methods for these compounds is a crucial research topic.Diels-Alder reaction is one of the most reliable methods for this purpose. For the last decade, a research team from Japan, led by Associate Professor Shinji Harada from the Institute for Advanced Academic Research and the Graduate School of Pharmac...
Release time: 2024 - 06 - 25
source:PHYSIn recent years, the high complexity of integrated devices has made heat accumulation increasingly critical and has resulted in higher heat dissipation requirements for substrates and packaging materials. In this study, boron nitride microribbon (BNMR)/Al2O3 composite ceramics are prepared using spark plasma sintering (SPS).This study examines the effect of varying the amount of toughened phase BNMR on the density, mechanical properties, dielectric constant, and thermal conductivity of BNMR/Al2O3 composite ceramics while also exploring the mechanisms behind the toughening and increa...
Release time: 2024 - 06 - 21
source: University of TokyoTitanium is the ninth most abundant element in the Earth's crust, yet products based on pure titanium are uncommon because it's expensive to remove the oxygen from titanium ore. Reducing costs would encourage manufacturers to take advantage of the highly useful properties of titanium in their products.Now, in a study published in Nature Communications, researchers from the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, have developed a procedure that reduces the cost of producing titanium that's almost entirely free of oxygen. This oxygen remov...
Release time: 2024 - 06 - 21
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