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source:GREEK REP RTERA groundbreaking machine-learning model has been developed to predict where minerals can be found on Earth, and even on other planets. This technological breakthrough holds tremendous significance for both the scientific community and various industries.Scientists and researchers are constantly seeking to uncover the secrets of our planet’s history and extract valuable resources like those used in rechargeable batteries. By analyzing patterns in mineral associations, this innovative model has the potential to revolutionize mineral exploration and enhance our understanding ...
Release time: 2023 - 07 - 13
source:Mining TechnologyNeo Performance Materials’ unit Neo Magnequench has broken ground on a new rare earth magnet manufacturing facility in Narva, Estonia.The facility specialises in the production of permanent magnets to be used in electric vehicles(EVs), wind turbines and other clean energy technologies.Neo Magnequench plans to begin phase 1 production in 2025, with a production target of nearly 2,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of rare earth magnet block.This is expected to be sufficient for powering 1.5 million electric cars.In the second phase, the company plans to produce 5,000tpa, which w...
Release time: 2023 - 07 - 12
source:INNOVNTION NEWS NETWORKEileen Maes, Public Affairs & Communications Associate at the Critical Minerals Association, discusses the UK’s recent innovations in lithium and how these will transform the sector.If someone were to say ‘lithium’, what would you expect to hear next? Most would expect the word ‘battery’. Images would come to mind of electric vehicles (EVs), the energy transition, and the emerging electrification of society. Some visualise the ‘Lithium Triangle’ situated in the intersecting borders of Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina; some think of Australia; others imagine the U...
Release time: 2023 - 07 - 11
source:SMALLCAPSACDC Metals (ASX: ADC) has signed the services of a highly-regarded industry consultant to work with it on its plans for a unique rare earth element (REE) processing plant in Australia.The company is looking to fast-track its local rare earth plans on the back of news that there is a looming bottleneck for a number of highly sought-after rare earths following reports that China is planning to restrict exports.Chief executive officer, Tom Davidson, said ACDC’s upgrade of its rare earth activities comes at a time when Western media is reporting that China has imposed new restrict...
Release time: 2023 - 07 - 10
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