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source:Autocar ProfessionalThis is EVR Motors' second partnership in India; earlier it had inked a partnership with Omega Seiki Mobility for the electric three-wheeler segment.The TSRF technology is said to be distinctive because of its lightweight and compact design. The proprietary TS Topology has a unique trapezoidal tooth shape core structure, which improves flux distribution, reduces leakage, and gives superior heat dissipation with good thermal capacity. The TS topology can be tailored for a wide variety of requirements and enable multiple variations based on the same design and tool...
Release time: 2022 - 04 - 13
source:AZO materialsOverview of MPTMPT is a recently developed technology that can measure the translation and rotation motion of a particle in an opaque environment. This technique has potential applications in studying the accurate position and three-dimensional (3D) orientation of organs in the human body, such as in capsule endoscopes.Using this technique, the organs can be functionally examined without any radiation exposure. In pharmaceutical research, this method offers a great opportunity to study remote drug release at any position of the gut. In addition, MPT also has significant app...
Release time: 2022 - 04 - 12
source:PhysicsworldYour night-mode photos might get a lot crisper thanks to a new device that exploits quantum mechanics to absorb photons more efficiently. Known as a quantum battery, the device stores the energy of the absorbed photons and can be charged simply by shining light on it — great news not just for low-light iPhone photography, but also for solar panels, which could use similar technology to capture the Sun’s energy a lot faster.In a normal medium for storing energy, like a car battery, the time to charge the battery increases in proportion to the battery’s size. Quantum mechanica...
Release time: 2022 - 04 - 11
source:PHYS.ORGIn a laboratory under a mountain, physicists are using crystals far colder than frozen air to study ghostly particles, hoping to learn secrets from the beginning of the universe. Researchers at the Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events (CUORE) announced this week that they had placed some of the most stringent limits yet on the strange possibility that the neutrino is its own antiparticle. Neutrinos are deeply unusual particles, so ethereal and so ubiquitous that they regularly pass through our bodies without us noticing. CUORE has spent the last three years patientl...
Release time: 2022 - 04 - 08
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