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source:IMC University of Applied Sciences KremsA research collaboration between BOKU Tulln and IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems is using the further development of bioleaching and bioaccumulation to develop a two-stage, environmentally friendly and sustainable process for recovering rare earth elements (rare earths).In the bioaccumulation step, metal recovery rates of up to 85% were achieved from electronic scrap. The key to success lies in the combination of biotechnological processes. The promising foundations for these methods, which are currently under development, were recently pu...
Release time: 2024 - 06 - 13
source: Oak Ridge National LaboratoryWhen element 61, also known as promethium, was first isolated by scientists at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1945, it completed the series of chemical elements known as lanthanides. However, aspects of the element's exact chemical nature have remained a mystery until last year, when a team of scientists from ORNL and the National Institute of Standards and Technology used a combination of experimentation and computer simulation to purify the promethium radionuclide and synthesize a coordination complex that was characte...
Release time: 2024 - 06 - 13
source:phys.orgA team of material scientists led by Jiang Li from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Shanghai, China recently reported (Tb1-xYx)3Al5O12 magneto-optical ceramics with high optical quality. The optical transmittance, microstructure, Verdet constant, and thermal conductivity of (Tb1-xYx)3Al5O12 with different Y content were investigated in detail.It was found that Y2O3 can suppress the secondary phase and improve the optical quality of TAG ceramics. As optical quality occupies one of the most important parts of the practical performance of magneto-opti...
Release time: 2024 - 06 - 11
source:Trinity College DublinA collaborative team of researchers has made a cracking discovery with the potential to make a significant impact in the sustainable recovery of rare earth elements (REEs), which are in increasing demand for use in green energy technologies. The team found that humble eggshell waste could recover REES from water, offering a new, environmentally friendly method for their extraction.The researchers, from Trinity College Dublin's School of Natural Sciences, and iCRAG, the Ireland Research Centre in Applied Geosciences, have just published their findings in the jou...
Release time: 2024 - 06 - 06
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