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source:phys.orgThe discovery of high temperature superconductors in polyhydrides encourages searching for new types of hydrogen rich superconductors. Most of experimentally reported high Tc polyhydride superconductors are binary hydrides of main group elements, rare earth metals (La, Y etc.) or alkali earth metal (Ca).Prof. Jin team at Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IOPCAS) recently discovered new hafnium polyhydrides using synergetic high pressure techniques based on diamond anvil cell in combination with in situ laser heating during a search for new types of hydrogen ri...
Release time: 2022 - 08 - 31
source:CBCIn the push to transition from fossil fuels to greener energy, a key piece of the puzzle is accessing materials to help accelerate the technological shift — namely, rare earth elements.The group of 17 metallic elements has the potential to be a key economic driver for countries mining and processing them. They are crucial for building components for everything from wind turbines and electric-vehicle batteries to cell phones and other products.But they also come with lingering questions over the short- and long-term environmental impacts associated with the mining process.Canada curre...
Release time: 2022 - 08 - 30
Pronounced interplay between intrinsic phase-coexistence and octahedral tilt magnitude in hole-doped lanthanum cuprates source:natureAbstractDefinitive understanding of superconductivity and its interplay with structural symmetry in the hole-doped lanthanum cuprates remains elusive. The suppression of superconductivity around 1/8th doping maintains particular focus, often attributed to charge-density waves (CDWs) ordering in the low-temperature tetragonal (LTT) phase. Central to many investigations into this interplay is the thesis that La1.875Ba0.125CuO4 and particularly La1.675Eu0.2Sr0....
Release time: 2022 - 08 - 29
source:thewestrare earths for White Cliff Minerals at its Yinnetharra project about 100km north-east of Gascoyne Junction in WA.The 13 returned sample results of up to 780 parts per million total rare earths oxides, along with nearby thorium anomalies, have given the company a greater understanding of potential exploration targets over the next few weeks.The Yinnetharra lithium and rare earths project comprises of six tenements in the Gascoyne lithium region, about 85km south of Hastings Technology Metals’ world-class Yangibana rare earths acreage.Rare earths are becoming increasingly signific...
Release time: 2022 - 08 - 26
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