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source:The Sydney Morning HeraldRare earths group Lynas Corp has received a setback to its expansion plans after warning the US Department of Defense contract it was awarded last month may be on hold while the political debate heats up on whether the country should source its rare earths onshore.In a statement to the ASX on Friday evening, Lynas confirmed media reports in the US - debating the merits of sourcing rare earths locally versus from allies or other sources - have impacted on the contract that could help fund its plants to set up a processing plant in Texas.'Lynas remains one of two ...
Release time: 2020 - 05 - 25
source:Proactive Investors USA & CanadaOne of the experts, Constantine Karayannopoulos, is chairman of rare earth firm Neo Performance Materials, while fellow expert Brock O'Kelley played a key role at the Mountain Pass rare earth processing facility in CaliforniaEnergy Fuels Inc (NYSEAMERICAN:UUUU) (TSX:EFR) said it has entered into consulting agreements with two rare earth element (REE) industry experts, Constantine Karayannopoulos and Brock O'Kelley, to aid in the development and implementation of commercial and technical REE strategies for the new US REE program the company is pursuing...
Release time: 2020 - 05 - 22
source:Livescience.comPrivate industries have helped drop the cost of launching rockets, satellites and other equipment into space to historic lows. That has boosted interest in developing space – both for mining raw materials such as silicon for solar panels and oxygen for rocket fuel, as well as potentially relocating polluting industries off the Earth. But the rules are not clear about who would profit if, for instance, a U.S. company like SpaceX colonized Mars or established a moon base.At the moment, no company – or nation – is yet ready to claim or take advantage of private property in s...
Release time: 2020 - 05 - 21
source:Phys.Org-Rare-earth minerals are a class of materials with similar properties that are currently used to build a variety of devices, including LEDs, rechargeable batteries, magnets, lasers, and much more. These materials' electron spins can be hosted in crystals, creating systems with unique characteristics that could serve as interfaces between telecom-band photons and long-lived spin quantum bits.Interestingly, these systems present electron spins that interact with surrounding nuclear spins, and they could thus be particularly useful for the development of quantum memory tools. So fa...
Release time: 2020 - 05 - 20
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