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source:eurekalertThe ability to achieve quantum-limited amplification of optical signals contained in optical fibers is arguably among the most important technological advances that are underlying our modern information society. In optical telecommunications, the choice of 1550 nm wavelength band is motivated not only by loss minima of silica optical fibers (a development recognized with the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics), but equally to the existence of ways to amplify these signals, crucial to achieve trans-oceanic fiber optical communication.Optical amplification plays a key role in virtually...
Release time: 2022 - 12 - 01
source:innovationnewsnetworkJL MAG is the world’s largest and first CO2-neutral producer of sintered neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets with its headquarters in Ganzhou, China. The start of huge volume demanding projects for the electrification of automobiles has increased demand for NdFeB magnets, which has resulted in an almost doubling of annual revenue at JL MAG. For this reason, further production plants in Baotou and Ningbo in China were built, and a plant in Monterrey, Mexico, is coming in 2024.As a leading magnet supplier, JL MAG is listening to market requirements and provides techn...
Release time: 2022 - 11 - 30
source:universetodayA new particle accelerator at Michigan State University is producing long-awaited results. It’s called the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, and it was completed in January 2022. Researchers have published the first results from the linear accelerator in the journal Physics Review Letters.Physicists sometimes describe isotopes as different flavours of the same element. An atom of any element always has the same number of protons in its nucleus, but the number of neutrons can vary. Atoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons are called isotopes. Carbon, for e...
Release time: 2022 - 11 - 29
source:natureAbstractThis article presents a resource for automated search, extraction and collation of geochemical and geochronological data from the Figshare repository using web scraping code. To answer fundamental questions about the Earth’s evolution, such as spatial and temporal evolution and interrelationships between the planet’s solid and surficial reservoirs, researchers must utilize global geochemical datasets. Due to the volume of data being published, these datasets become quickly outdated. We present a resource that allows researchers to rapidly curate and update their own databa...
Release time: 2022 - 11 - 28
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