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source:PhysicsworldResearchers in Japan have built the first nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) magnet that incorporates high-temperature superconductors with truly superconducting joints between them. This breakthrough all-superconducting configuration enables the device to operate at relatively high magnetic fields in so-called persistent mode, making it suitable for applications such as maglev trains and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The new device might also serve as a stepping-stone towards persistent-mode magnets that work at even higher magnetic fields, without the need for liquid hel...
Release time: 2021 - 11 - 02
QM Power and University of Kentucky demonstrate 50 kW/liter electric motor; DOE 2025 power density goal source:Green Car CongressQM Power and the SPARK Lab at University of Kentucky shared the combined results of a large-scale, multi-objective design optimization study, and lab testing of a prototype motor designed to meet the 2025 power density goals set by the US Department of Energy (DOE). The research demonstrated the high torque and speed capability of QM Power’s innovative permanent magnet (PM) motor technology.This, combined with advanced manufacturing and cooling technologies, ach...
Release time: 2021 - 11 - 01
source:Yahoo!finance EVs certainly mark the path to a more environmentally friendly future, but there are still concerns around the sourcing of certain components or materials within EVs. As the market for EVs expands rapidly, the demand for components like electric motors does so along with it. In 2021, the demand for EV motors is expected to increase by 40% in the car market alone. Electric motors literally drive EVs, but many designs utilize kilograms of magnetic materials. These magnets rely heavily on rare-earth materials like neodymium and dysprosium, which are expensive, produce lo...
Release time: 2021 - 10 - 29
source:Mining TechnologyRare earths producer Hastings Technology Metals has received environmental approval for a proposed hydrometallurgical plant in the Gascoyne region, Western Australia.The approval from the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) allows the firm to start construction on the project.The Onslow rare earths plant is planned to be built at the Ashburton Northern Strategic Industrial Area (ANSIA), around 15km south-west of the coastal town of Onslow.It will be equipped to process rare earth oxide concentrate, which will be sourced from the compan...
Release time: 2021 - 10 - 29
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