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source:World Energy TradeHabrá más envíos de carbonato de tierras raras en camino, ya que Energy Fuels sigue procesando el mineral de arena de monacita natural extraído en el estado estadounidense de Georgia por Chemours (NYSE: CC) para obtener los elementos de tierras raras (Rare Earth Elements, REEs, por sus siglas en inglés) y el uranio natural que contiene.Las REEs son los componentes básicos de una serie de energías limpias y tecnologías avanzadas, como turbinas eólicas, vehículos eléctricos, teléfonos móviles, ordenadores, ...
Release time: 2021 - 07 - 12
source:Which-50Rare earth metals remain the flavour of the day amongst the battery and electric vehicle producers. Australian listed Vital Metals Ltd (ASX: VML) announced the commencement of rare earth production at their Nechalacho project in Canada. Ore is now being crushed, and the company remains on schedule for the first shipments. VML will stockpile beneficiated material for transport to the rare earth extraction plant in Saskatoon later in the year. The company is Canada’s first rare earth producer and only the second in North America. Geoff Atkins, Vital Metals’ Man...
Release time: 2021 - 07 - 09
source:ScienceSuperconductivity is one of the most fascinating, macroscopically observable quantum phenomena. A notable aspect of its description is the existence of an attractive interaction, a “glue,” between electrons. This can bind them into Cooper pairs, which then condense into a common superconducting ground state. In contrast to conventional superconductors, which are described by the theory of Bardeen, Cooper, and Schrieffer, a primary phonon-mediated pairing mechanism is unlikely in the high-temperature (Tc) superconducting cuprates, and therefore they are referred to as unconvention...
Release time: 2021 - 07 - 09
source:Global Mining ReviewPensana Plc has announced that, following the recent £15 million premium equity raise which was strongly supported by the company’s major shareholders, early stage development has commenced on the establishment of its rare earth processing hub at the Saltend Chemicals Park in Humber, UK.The Saltend plant would be the first major rare earth separation facility to be constructed in over a decade and the first to be located in a freeport. The final tax and customs regimes for the Humber Freeport (one of Europe’s busiest ports) are being finalised but are expected to tak...
Release time: 2021 - 07 - 08
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