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source:phys.orgNew forms of the light-emitting materials called phosphors, with enhanced versatility relative to existing options, are being developed by researchers at the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Japan, with colleagues at Tokyo University of Science and Hokkaido University. Their work is published in the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials.Phosphors absorb the energy of electromagnetic radiation, including visible light and X-rays, and then release it in colors that depend on their properties. They are used in many applications, including light-emit...
Release time: 2024 - 04 - 10
source:EurekalertThe ScienceThe metals called lanthanides have valuable properties for clean energy technologies such as electric vehicles and wind turbines and for many other applications. These elements include several critical materials. In nature, lanthanides are often found mixed together. Industry must separate them to take advantage of their individual properties. But conventional approaches to this separation are time consuming and costly and generate waste. Scientists have developed an efficient new method that can be tailored to select specific lanthanides. The technique combines two...
Release time: 2024 - 04 - 09
source:mercuryCompanies with the minerals to prove up rare earths (REE) projects are looking increasingly likely to end up in the winner’s circle … yet there’s still a struggle to secure investment in the short term.Not to worry though, because a new wave of REE explorers with a much better understanding of how to develop these projects are coming to the fore, which we’ll lay out in this, Part 1 of our REE Survival Guide series.For the latest mining news, sign up here for free Stockhead daily newslettersThere’s a huge amount of upside to getting REE projects online, as governments around the w...
Release time: 2024 - 04 - 03
source:miningResearchers at CERN’s Neutron Time-of-Flight facility (n_TOF) collaboration are investigating how cerium is produced in stars.Cerium is a rare earth metal that is used in some types of lightbulbs, flat-screen TVs and biomedical applications. While the element is rare in our planet’s crust, it is slightly more abundant in the universe.“The measurement we carried out enabled us to identify nuclear resonances never observed before in the energy range involved in the production of cerium in stars,” Simone Amaducci, first author of the paper that describes the findings, said in a media...
Release time: 2024 - 04 - 02
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