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Using Tabletop Ultrafast Soft X-Ray Microscope to Resolve the Spin Dynamics Inside Rare Earth Materials source:AZO OPTICSSharing real-time information requires complex networks of systems. A promising approach for speeding up data storage devices consists of switching the magnetization, or the electrons' spin, of magnetic materials with ultra-short femtosecond laser pulses. But, how the spin evolves in the nanoworld on extremely short time scales, in one millionth of one billionth of a second, has remained largely mysterious.The team of Professor François Légaré at the ...
Release time: 2022 - 04 - 27
source:MINING.COMResearchers at the Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) have developed rare-earth-saving permanent magnets that can replace the 42M-graded commercial magnets while reducing the amount of neodymium by about 30%. The domestic market for rare-earth permanent magnets for high-efficiency motors was worth $186 billion per year in 2021, and Korea depends on imports of the material. In a paper published in the journal Scripta Materialia, the researchers say the technology achieved the commercial level of performance currently used in the industry, even though the amou...
Release time: 2022 - 04 - 26
source:news wiseNewswise — A research team led by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) was recently selected for second-phase funding of a $9.2 million project aimed at demonstrating a hybrid computing system that will combine the advantages of classical computing with those of quantum computing to tackle some of the world’s most difficult optimization problems.Over the next two years, the team plans to use several hundred quantum bits (qubits) made of trapped ions to put the unique capabilities of quantum computing systems to work on these challenges. The team, which also includes resea...
Release time: 2022 - 04 - 26
Tech firms rip apart NEW washing machines so they can harvest their computer parts in a bid to beat the global microchip shortage source:Mail OnlineTech firms are buying up new washing machines so they can harvest their computer parts in a desperate bid to beat the global microchip shortage.Once solely used in PCs and mobile phones, semiconductors are now vital in cars, kitchen appliances, TVs, smart speakers, thermostats, smart light bulbs and even some dog collars.Microchip manufacturers are unable to meet the ever-growing demand – accelerated by families buying more computers and gadge...
Release time: 2022 - 04 - 25
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