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source:proactiveMoho Resources Ltd (ASX:MOH) is zeroing-in on rare earth element (REE) mineralisation at the wholly-owned Peak Charles Project in Western Australia, with soil sampling and radiometric surveying pointing to two anomalies at the Gimli and Pippin prospects.A data review of assays from soil sampling surveys showed a progressive increase in soil total rare earth oxide (TREO) levels towards the core of a radiometric anomaly at the Gimli prospect, rising from background levels below 100 parts per million (ppm) TREO to up to 620 ppm at the centre.The Pippin anomaly sits about 15 kilome...
Release time: 2023 - 09 - 14
source:The Chemical EngineerRESEARCHERS at Penn State University, US, have developed a mussel-inspired nanocellulose coating (MINC) that can extract neodymium – a critical mineral used in clean energy technologies – from secondary sources such as industrial wastewater without using a high amount of energy.  Playing a vital role in the production of lightweight, efficient batteries, and as essential powerful magnetic components in wind turbines, rare earth elements (REEs), including lithium and neodymium, are in high demand.  Despite their name, many REEs are actually common in t...
Release time: 2023 - 09 - 12
source:Elko DailyAfter being a source of copper for many years, the Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana now holds a contaminated lake which has long been a source of strife. But the water in the Pit has now been shown to be the source of something much more positive: rare earth elements.West Virginia University has received $3 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Defense to establish a resource recovery site at the Berkeley Pit, along with two sites at coal mines in West Virginia.Rare earth elements like neodymium, dysprosium, cerium, lanthanum, yttrium, praseodymium and europium have a w...
Release time: 2023 - 09 - 12
source:THE Chemical EngineerA PILOT plant using a new process to recover rare earth alloys from scrap magnets will be built at the UK’s University of Birmingham following a €4m (US$4.4m) grant from the EU.The pilot plant will be the first to use a patented process called HPMS (hydrogen processing of magnet scrap). This uses hydrogen to decrepitate magnets containing the rare earth element neodymium which are used in a range of hi-tech applications including in electric cars and hard disk drives.While demand for rare earth elements is increasing and there are concerns about China’s dominance of...
Release time: 2023 - 09 - 08
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