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source:StockheadHigh-grade intersections with grades of up to 5192ppm TREO at HRE’s Cowalinya have demonstrated the potential to add 14km of mineralised strike to the newly discovered Western Zone.Assays have been reported for the first time from 41 vertical air core holes drilled along existing access tracks in the northern and central parts of E63/1972 to the north and west of the Cowalinya North resource.Heavy Rare Earths (ASX:HRE) executive director Richard Brescianini says these new assays add an exciting ‘blue sky’ element to the Cowalinya project and are a significant development.“The w...
Release time: 2023 - 05 - 05
source:Journal of Sustainable MetallurgyHimanshu has conducted in-depth research on the recovery of Ti, Al and RE (Sc, Y, La and Ce) from bauxite slag by sulphation roasting process.The Bayer process for alumina production generates more than 160 million tons of bauxite residue annually. The currentglobal stockpiles of bauxite residue have reached more than 4 billion tons with less than 2% annual recycling rate. Criticalelements such as Sc and Y present an opportunity to explore bauxite residue as a secondary resource; however, low concen-tration affects the process economics.Recovery of major...
Release time: 2023 - 05 - 04
source:innovationnewsnetworkIntegrating the concepts of Radioactive Waste Management with Life Cycle Analysis towards a circular economy.Radioactive waste is a by-product from nuclear reactors, fuel processing plants, hospitals, and research facilities. It is also generated while decommissioning and dismantling nuclear reactors and other nuclear facilities. Radioactive waste comes from many sources, including nuclear medicine, nuclear research, nuclear power generation, nuclear decommissioning, rare earth mining, and nuclear weapons reprocessing.1,2In France, the classification is done based o...
Release time: 2023 - 04 - 28
source:financeIn mid February 2023 Renforth's geologists spent one day on a prospecting effort in the powerline cut corridor at Surimeau, approximately 4km south of the ~20km long Victoria polymetallic battery metals mineralized system, within the Decelles batholith margin. Snow cover was more significant than anticipated and mixed with ice layers. As a result of this only two samples were obtained, one consisting entirely of pegmatite, one of a mix of pegmatite and granite. The samples were both tested with an XRF, which resulted in elevated rare earth element readings. The samples have b...
Release time: 2023 - 04 - 27
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