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‘Exciting prospectivity’: Lanthanien hits rare earths mineralised ironstones in the same neighbourhood as Hastings and Dreadnought source:STOCKHEADInfill and exploration drilling at Lyons projects intersects rare earths (REEs) in two new previously unsampled ironstone dykes over 2km and 3km strikeThe program also extended a known mineralised dyke over 1km strike lengthBest intersections include 1m at 1.12% TREO (including 0.17% niobium) from 29m and 11m at 0.38% TREO from 41mNumerous additional outcropping ironstone targets have been delineated from satellite imagery plus geophysical targ...
Release time: 2023 - 10 - 11
source:CORNELL CHRONICLERare earth elements power electric cars, wind turbines and smartphones. Retrieving these metals from raw ore requires processing with acids and solvents.Now, Cornell scientists have characterized the genome of Shewanella oneidensis – a metal-loving bacteria with an affinity for rare earth elements – to replace the harsh chemical processing with a benign practice called biosorption.Their research, “Genomic Characterization of Rare Earth Binding by Shewanella oneidensis,” was published Sept. 25 in Scientific Reports.“The problem with the current methods of rare earth elem...
Release time: 2023 - 10 - 10
source:BOZEMAN DAILY CHRONICLEGood for next to nothing but attracting hapless geese and sightseer gawks.That’s been the Berkeley Pit.There are few places in this wide world where voyeurs pay good money for the privilege of observing a body of toxic water.The Berkeley Pit has long been a liability for the Butte community and the entities responsible for its present and future. Those entities include Atlantic Richfield and Montana Resources.Schemes have floated in years past to extract minerals from the pit’s toxic stew but nothing has yielded results promising either commercial or strategic val...
Release time: 2023 - 10 - 09
source:ScienceNewsExploresA rare earth element is one of 17 elements on the periodic table. These 17 metals include 15 “lanthanides.” Those are elements 57 to 71. Scandium (element 21) and yttrium (element 39) are also rare earths.Rare earth elements are not really that rare. They’re found around the world. Some are as common in Earth’s crust as copper or tin. But rare earth elements are only found in very low concentrations. They are usually mixed with each other or other elements. And they’re hard to separate and purify. So miners have to extract lots of ore to get even a little bit of a rar...
Release time: 2023 - 09 - 28
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