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Moho Resources fields promising rare earth soil sampling and radiometric results at Peak Charles

The date of: 2023-09-14
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Moho Resources Ltd (ASX:MOH) is zeroing-in on rare earth element (REE) mineralisation at the wholly-owned Peak Charles Project in Western Australia, with soil sampling and radiometric surveying pointing to two anomalies at the Gimli and Pippin prospects.

A data review of assays from soil sampling surveys showed a progressive increase in soil total rare earth oxide (TREO) levels towards the core of a radiometric anomaly at the Gimli prospect, rising from background levels below 100 parts per million (ppm) TREO to up to 620 ppm at the centre.

The Pippin anomaly sits about 15 kilometres south-southwest of Gimli, registering as a similar soil geochemical trend with TREO levels rising to a maximum of 583 ppm, again at the centre of the anomaly.

Moho has interpreted these results to point to the presence of potential rare earth-enriched geological intrusions.

Solid foundation for value creation

“Moho is very encouraged by the identification of the coincident rare earth soils and radiometric anomalies within a 50-kilometre magnetic trend,” Moho Resources managing director Ralph Winter said.

“It is a significant development for Moho’s critical minerals advancement in the burgeoning Esperance rare earth province and lays a solid foundation for the company’s value creation in the market.”

Importantly, Gimli and Pippin are part of a linear cluster of four radiometric anomalies within a district-scale, structurally complex 50-kilometre-long magnetic domain.

Trending on a south-southwest to north-northeast orientation, MOH believes the domain may have been a conduit for REE intrusions.

From here, the company will:

Undertake a geochemistry survey of 750 soil samples at 100-metre x 100-metre spacing to follow up in full the four radiometric anomalies from the orientation soil sample survey.

Undertake preliminary aircore drilling to define the bedrock lithologies and associated REE anomalism following review of assay results of soil survey and access agreements at Gimli and Pippen prospects.

Review and report assay results from follow-up aircore drilling completed in July at E 74/695.

Review and report metallurgical test work to determine REE extraction rates from the clays.

Further geophysical interpretation of the airborne magnetics to outline granite basement topography required for ionic clay target modelling.

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