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York Harbour Metals discovers high-grade rare earths at Bottom Brook Project, Newfoundland

The date of: 2023-09-04
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York Harbour Metals Inc. [YORK-TSXV; YORKF-OTC; 5DE0-FSE] reported a significant discovery of high-grade rare earth elements (REE) mineralization at its 100%-owned Bottom Brook Project in Western Newfoundland & Labrador. The company’s initial fieldwork has discovered a new zone of high-grade REE mineralization 750 metres to the south-southwest of the historic U3 REE zone. The program also confirmed high grade surface samples near the U3 occurrence.

“The high-grade values we’ve seen in our initial sampling at the U3 and the newly discovered Bottom Bank showings (BB showings), which are situated over 750 metres to the south-southwest, provide a unique opportunity for the discovery of a compelling area of critical element mineralization at our Bottom Brook Project,” commented Bruce Durham, President and CEO.

He further emphasized, “This summer’s exploration program is a game-changer for us, giving us the chance to evaluate numerous mineral occurrences across the property. Our focus is clear and straightforward: to explore, discover, and develop our projects efficiently and effectively. We’re zeroing in on our goal to make a new discovery that has a chance at being a new deposit. We’re just getting started – the exploration program is continuing to generate data that will be used to determine the focus for our drilling program slated to start later in the summer. As we’ve always done, we’ll let the results guide our drilling decisions. We’re determined to discover mineralization at the various targets we’ve meticulously identified through our exploration efforts.”

Grab samples collected from Bottom Brook and U3 REE showings returned TREO values ranging from 0.07 to 22.31%. The high-grade sample 116575 from the U3 showing included very high concentrations of magnetic rare earth elements neodymium, praseodymium, terbium, and dysprosium (Nd, Pr, Tb, and Dy) also known as (magnet REE’s or MRE’s). Sample 116575 contained total MREs of 5.00% (50kg/t MRE).

On the Bottom Brook project, MRE’s typically comprise 20% or more of the TREO. The U3 REE showing returned TREO values from 0.07 to 22.31% samples collected from the nearby Bottom Brook REE showing returned TREO values from 1.17 to 7.63%. The highest-grade sample 116569 from the BB showing included magnetic rare earth elements (Nd, Pr, Tb, and Dy) grading 1.89% (18.9kg per tonne MRE).

York Harbour’s team is re-interpreting local and regional geology to determine the potential for REE and other mineralization of potential economic value at various locations within the Bottom Brook Project.

The infrastructure of the Bottom Brook project is excellent with power roads and access to labour at the project or nearby.

Current exploration efforts include ongoing geological mapping and prospecting across the 20km by 10km project area, with 146 grab and channel samples currently being assayed and more expected to be submitted for analysis over the coming weeks.

The exploration strategy also includes the implementation of control grids and geophysical surveys over areas showing favourable geology and mineralization. Regions proximal to mineralization with shallow overburden are being stripped, trenched with channel sampling to better understand TREO mineralization before the drill equipment mobilization later this summer.

This early discovery of high-grade total rare earth oxide (TREO) mineralization underlines the company’s commitment to quickly expanding the technical databases on the Bottom Brook property. The data being gathered will help in developin a geological model and enhance the understanding of the geological controls on REE mineralization in and around the U3 area. This information will guide the selection of new drill targets for initial drill testing later this summer.

York Harbour Metals is an exploration and development company focused on two high-grade projects in Newfoundland. The York Harbour Copper-Zinc-Silver Project is located approximately 27km from Corner Brook in Newfoundland. The company intends to continue drilling the 11 known mineralized zones and explore new massive sulphide targets.

The Bottom Brook Rare Earth Project, covering 15,150 hectares, is located next to the Trans Canada Highway 27 km from the deep-water port at Turf Point. York A substantial drill program is scheduled for this year.

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