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Medallion Resources leading a revolution in sustainable rare earth processing

The date of: 2023-07-04
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source:Rare earths and specialist minerals

Medallion Resources Ltd (TSX-V:MDL, OTCQB:MLLOF), a junior mineral processing technology company, is addressing the environmental challenges and carbon dioxide burden associated with rare earth element processing.

Its innovative chromatography-based technology aims to provide a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the current solvent extraction method.

By optimizing the processing of rare earth ores, Medallion aims to meet the increasing demand for these essential elements in the energy transition.

Environmental impact

Rare earth elements play a vital role in automotive power and renewable energy generation due to their use in magnets. However, the conventional processing methods for these minerals have a significant environmental impact.

The current solvent extraction process, which employs organic solvents and hundreds of vessels, not only contributes to a large carbon footprint but also lacks flexibility, and efficiency. This poses challenges for downstream industries that rely on products containing rare earth elements.

Innovative approach

Medallion Resources is tackling these environmental issues by developing a chromatography-based processing technology.

Chromatography, already widely employed in industries such as sugar refining, water treatment, and pharmaceuticals, utilizes multiple phases to efficiently separate mixtures into their individual components or extract specific components out of a mixture.

Medallion's patented ligand-assisted displacement (LAD) chromatography process aims to deliver against higher environmental social governance standards, resulting in more sustainable and eco-friendly products. This breakthrough technology has the potential to revolutionize the rare earth processing industry.

Profit potential

Within the value chain of magnetic rare earth elements, the leaching and separation segment boasts the second-highest margins at 38%, closely trailing mining at 40% (figure 1).

As Medallion focuses on this lucrative area, it can capitalize on the forecasted growth of the magnetic rare earth oxide market, projected to reach US$38 billion by 2035.

Current supply chains suffer from an undersupply and an overreliance on China, which poses supply security risks.

Medallion's feedstock-agnostic separation technology platform holds the potential to process various resources from multiple jurisdictions, ensuring a regular and reliable supply of rare earth oxides.

Investment outlook

Key milestones for Medallion Resources include establishing partnership agreements with prominent industry participants, conducting pilot plant scale testing of the technology, and securing binding offtake agreements with miners.

These milestones will demonstrate the viability and scalability of Medallion's processing technology, positioning the company as a leader in sustainable rare earth production.


Medallion Resources' innovative chromatography-based technology offers a sustainable solution to the environmental challenges associated with rare earth processing.

By addressing the carbon dioxide burden and environmental impact of conventional methods, Medallion aims to become a reliable producer of rare earth oxides. With the forecasted growth of the magnetic rare earth oxide market and concerns over supply chain security,

Medallion's feedstock-agnostic separation technology platform positions the company for long-term success.

Investors interested in the energy transition and mineral exploration should pay close attention to Medallion's upcoming milestones and partnerships, as they indicate promising opportunities for both environmental and financial gains.

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