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Nissan to build EV battery recycling facilities in Europe and US in five years

The date of: 2021-12-28
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SOUCRCE:Digitimes Asia

Nissan will set up electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling plants in Europe and the US through its subsidiary before the fiscal year 2025, apart from continuing promoting battery recycling in Japan.
The decision comes when rare metals for producing lithium-ion batteries become much more expensive and the demand for battery recycling grows more urgent.
According to Nikkei and Business Insider, 4R Energy, a joint venture between Nissan and Sumitomo Corporation, will build battery recycling facilities outside of Japan for the first time. The company expects to put a European plant in place in FY2022 but has not revealed the location. It will build another one in America by FY2025.
4R Energy was founded in September 2010. In the same year, Nissan released the first generation of its BEV, Leaf. The move shows 4R Energy's establishment took battery recycling for Nissan BEVs into consideration in the first place.
In 2018, 4R Energy opened a battery recycling plant in a Fukushima town in Japan, repurposing lithium-ion batteries from unused BEVs. With techniques for battery inspection and reuse, the company's expansion to Europe and the US will increase its capability and also with Nissan's global EV plan.
Battery recycling was part of Nissan's electrification strategy released at the end of November 2021, aiming to build an energy ecosystem for EVs.
The automaker will commercialize its V2X model in the mid-2020s, which can also apply to the energy ecosystem. Since 2011, Nissan has been building a model that sees EVs as accumulator cells. Being part of the power grid, EVs could supply electricity during emergencies or interchange power with buildings. Many countries are testing V2X with Leaf. The used battery of Leaf has been repurposed for storing electricity. Rare metals from the cell have also been reused.
The world is speeding up automotive electrification, which results in issues like the supply of battery raw materials and used batteries that must be solved.
Carmakers, including Tesla, General Motors and Ford, have invested in battery recycling facilities to lower battery costs and decrease the risk from the international supply chain.
Battery makers like LG Chem and LGES also announced the investment in Li-Cycle, the largest battery recycling corporation in North America. In addition, Contemporary Amperex Technology said it will invest CNY32 billion (US$ 4.96 billion) in building a battery material recycling facility in Hubei, China.
According to a report released by the International Energy Agency in May, the number of EV batteries reaching the end of service lives will grow significantly from 2030. It is projected that 12% of the batteries could be recycled in 2040.

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