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Frontier takes to the air in WA rare earths search

The date of: 2021-11-16
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source:The West Australian

Frontier Resources has launched an airborne magnetic-radiometric survey over its new Gascoyne rare earths project in WA to better define drill targets at the prospective tenure after it discovered ironstone outcropping at surface. Ironstone is known to host rare earths at the nearby world class Yangibana discovery owned by Hastings Technology Metals and Frontier wasted no time sampling its own ironstones with results pending.
The company says it hopes the survey will light up some rare earth anomalies that it can sink the drill bit into come the new year. It could also enable the company to map the geology under shallow cover where traces of the targeted ironstones may be lurking.
The survey is envisaged to deliver major improvements to data acquired by Frontier from a historical air-borne survey flown over the landholdings in the 1990s.
Results from the survey are projected for release in mid-December.
Frontier is set to snap up its Gascoyne landholdings after recently moving to acquire 100 per cent of private group Dalkeith Capital - the applicant for all tenements at the project.
The tenure takes in about 230 square kilometres of the prospective proterozoic Durlacher Supersuite lithology that also hosts the adjoining Yangibana rare earths deposit.
Hasting’s rare earths-bearing Yangibana ironstones are located within the Durlacher Supersuite lithology.
Hastings, with a market cap of more than $450 million, has drilled out a serious 27.42 million tonne resource going 0.97 per cent total rare earth oxides since its discovery.
Notably, the deposit hosts a combined neodymium and praseodymium component grading 0.33 per cent - elements important in the production of magnets used in electric motors in a range of applications including electric vehicles, windmills and other electric industrial motors.
Frontier also plans to focus its exploration endeavours at Gascoyne on neodymium and praseodymium.

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