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Google’s quantum computer is said to have succeeded in creating a time crystal

The date of: 2021-08-17
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source:Tech news inc

n 2012, the physicist Frank Wilczek He put forward a strange theory: according to him, there is a structure made up of a group of particles that move periodically and return to their original state; He baptized this structure, the “time crystal”.

This name comes under what is observed in the “classic” crystal. In fact, The structure of a regular crystal will show a repeating pattern in different directions in space. However, in a time crystal, the pattern repeats periodically over time, like an oscillator. The physicist also adds that time crystal It must be distinguished from perpetual motion. This crystal does not release any energy, especially by radiating its rotational energy.

However, a certain number of physicists consider this structure to be impossible, as well as accusing it of a violation of thermodynamic equilibrium. Teams of researchers from Google, Stanford, Princeton and other universities wanted to demonstrate the concrete reality of time crystals using Google’s quantum computer, Sycamore.

in a Pre-publish, version of an academic article that has not yet been reviewed and has not yet been officially published, Thus the researchers claimed that they succeeded in forming a time crystal.

The authors said they used A time inversion protocol that characterizes intrinsic heating extrinsic decoherence and makes use of quantitative modularity to override the exponential cost of eigen spectral dense sampling. ?.

It is clear that the crystal of time will consist of three basic elements:

The first component is “multi-body localization”: an array of particles each with its own orientation in a mixture of low and high energy configurations.

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The second element, a secondary local state of several bodies or a proper state arrangement, is a reflection of all directions of these particles creating an inverted copy.

The third element is called Temporary crystal fluke ?: This is an application of laser light that causes a cycle of states to change from normal to mirror, and from mirror to normal, without using the net energy of the laser itself.

The researchers say this research shows ” An evolutionary approach to studying the phases of matter imbalance on current quantum processors In other words, quantum computers could make it possible to study the intrinsic dynamics of matter.

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