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Pensana Rare Earths provides Coola Project udpate

The date of: 2020-10-21
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source:Global Mining Review

Pensana Rare Earths Plc has provided an update on exploration activity in progress at its new Coola Project adjacent to its advanced stage Longonjo NdPr (the magnet metal rare earths neodymium and praseodymium) Project in Angola.

Initial field programmes have commenced to test defined targets prospective for a range of high technology critical commodities including heavy rare earths (HREE), light rare earths (LREE), scandium, niobium, tantalum, hafnium and fluorspar. These commodities are listed as critical by the European Commission and would complement future production of magnet metal raw materials from the company’s advanced stage Longonjo Project located just 16 km to the south.

Highlights include

First assay results have been received from early reconnaissance work at the Coola Carbonatite and confirm rare earth mineralisation in rocks and soils up to 2.99% rare earth oxides (REO).

Outcropping fluorspar mineralisation has been located at Coola and systematic soil sampling and geological mapping has been completed over the 6 km by 2.5 km complex. Fluorspar, as well as being of direct interest, is also a positive indicator of the potential for additional technology metals. Assay results are awaited.

Targeted exploration programmes of soil, stream sediment and rock sampling together with geological mapping are also in progress at the Monte Verde and the 13 km by 5 km Sulima alkali systems.

Monte Verde is a sub circular volcanic feature that measures approximately 4.5 km by 3.5 km. The Sulima complex comprises two adjacent ring structures that together extend over a 12 km by 5 km area.

Geophysical data processing has been completed and ten strong geophysical anomalies identified that could represent additional prospective geological systems. Follow up field reconnaissance and stream sediment sampling is underway.

The Coola Project covers an area of 7456 km2 adjacent to Longonjo and is similarly well located in terms of modern road, rail, port and hydropower infrastructure.

Dave Hammond, Chief Operating Officer, commented: “The Coola Project contains several high quality ‘walk-up’ targets prospective for a suite of key strategic ‘new technology’ metals forecast to be in undersupply and that could complement future NdPr and rare earth production from Longonjo.

“The early reconnaissance sampling results are a great start in already confirming the Coola complex as a fertile mineralised system. The presence of substantial outcrops of fluorspar, which may have direct economic potential, is also a positive indicator of mineralisation of other technology metals within the geological system. Systematic sampling of the 6 km by 2.5 km complex has now been completed and samples despatched for assay.

“Exploration programmes are currently in progress over two other prospective alkaline - carbonatite geological systems together with stream sediment sampling and geological reconnaissance of key geophysical anomalies.

“We look forward to reporting further results from this exciting new exploration region on Longonjo’s doorstep.”

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