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Source:Noting that China has got the major portion of rare earths deposits in the world while India is scanted, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval Saturday said the country could counter that by converting its demographic dividend — young population — into an asset. Speaking at an event here, he said India envisions to be a major power and needs to utilise its “rare human wealth” (130 crore population with 50 per cent of the population below 25 years of age as other major powers, including China, are ageing.He was addressing students at a convocation event of Amity University here. Doval and...
Release time: 2018 - 11 - 08
Source:A team led by Kanazawa University in Japan has developed a cleaner method for the recycling of several rare earths (REs) such as yttrium (Y) and europium (Eu) used as phosphors in fluorescent lamps (FLs).End-of-life FLs are a potentially huge source of REs, but harsh and polluting processes are needed currently to extract these metals from the spent phosphors. As reported in Waste Management, instead of using acid extractants to dissolve the REs trapped in the spent lamps, the Kanazawa team turned to chelator chemistry.Chelators—organic compounds containing elements such as N or O—bond ...
Release time: 2018 - 11 - 08
Source:A stepped-up search for rare earth elements in New Zealand found more than 20 locations where the valuable minerals might be found.Almost all are on the South Island and concentrate on the West Coast and Fiordland. But Stewart Island, Canterbury, Nelson-Marlborough and Kerikeri in Northland also feature.Rare earth elements or minerals have many uses in modern society including electric vehicles, wind turbines, aerospace components, consumer electronics, steel and glass additives, sonar systems, batteries and ceramics. They are sometimes labelled "green minerals" or "...
Release time: 2018 - 11 - 07
Source:Special report: Pensana in Chinese means “giant rock” and that’s exactly what the junior explorer is optimistic it has at its neodymium-praseodymium (NdPr) project in Angola.NdPr is used in the manufacture of high-strength permanent magnets that are used in the automotive industry for electric components such as seats, mirrors, wipers, steering and braking, as well as in the traction motors of hybrid and electric vehicles.Pensana’s (ASX:PM8) “Longonjo” project already has a resource of 11.6 million tonnes at 4.3 per cent rare earth oxides (REO), with a good composition of NdPr at around...
Release time: 2018 - 11 - 02
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