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Source:Small CapsRare earth explorer Pensana Metals (ASX: PM8) has unveiled a “huge upgrade” to its Longonjo resource – propelling the deposit to what the company claims as “top of the world league”.Resources for the Angola project now total 240 million tonnes at 1.60% rare earth oxides (including 0.35% neodymium and praseodymium) for 3.85Mt rare earth oxides and 840,000t of neodymium and praseodymium.Formerly known as Rift Valley Resources, Pensana stated the new resource is a seven-fold increase in tonnage to the maiden resource that was reported in September 2017 of 44.7Mt at 2.5% rare eart...
Release time: 2019 - 02 - 20
Source:VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canada Rare Earth Corp. (“Canada Rare Earth” or the “Company”) (TSX.V: LL) is pleased to announce the three-month extension of the repayment date for $500,000 of the loan provided by Talaxis Limited to April 30, 2019.The extension preserves working capital for the Company (currently over $1,000,000) and continues the right for Talaxis Limited to convert the $500,000 principal at 7.5 cents per unit (a unit is comprised of one share and one-half warrant).In January 2018, Canada Rare Earth entered into a $1.5 million funding ar...
Release time: 2019 - 02 - 19
Source:Rare-earth minerals are necessary for the production of many everyday products including an item most could not live with out: the smart phone.These important minerals were the topic of discussion at the 'Rare-Earths Geology Talk' in Madison County on Jan. 28.Legend Minerals Geologist William Jud and ThREE Consulting President James Kennedy spoke on the importance of rare-earths and the implications they have on national security and the economy.'About the year 1980, the United States was the world leader in producing rare-earths minerals, in rare-earths research and in manu...
Release time: 2019 - 02 - 18
Source:One of the urgent challenges of transitioning to a climate-neutral energy economy will be achieving a sustainable supply of the rare earth elements. These 17 elements are used in relatively small quantities in consumer electronics and defense applications. But they will be needed in much larger amounts for wind turbines and electric vehicles.The 'rare earth' label is a peculiar artifact of 18th-century geology, when mineral forms of these elements were first discovered. Today we know accessible deposits of these elements can be found in many places around the world. Yet the mist...
Release time: 2019 - 02 - 13
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