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source:stockheadCorella Resources has identified rare earths on its Tampu project in an unexplored area of the YilgarnRio Tinto and IGO have recently pegged ground right next door to where Corella is exploringLarger exploration program in the planning phase and will likely include some RC drillingSpecial Report: Corella Resources has uncovered two distinct styles of rare earth mineralisation at its Tampu project in Western Australia’s Yilgarn region – and right next door to where Rio Tinto and IGO have recently pegged exploration licences.As part of recent comprehensive desktop review of its W...
Release time: 2024 - 01 - 18
source:miningA new paper in Nature Physics shows that by cramming lots of rare-earth ions into a crystal, some will form pairs that act as highly coherent qubits, thus debunking the idea that solid-state qubits need to be super dilute in an ultra-clean material to achieve long lifetimes. According to the study’s authors, one of the major barriers to practical quantum computing has been how to make qubits that retain their quantum information long enough to be useful. It’s widely accepted that the key to qubits with long lifetimes, or ‘coherences’, is cleanliness. Qubits lose quantum ...
Release time: 2024 - 01 - 18
source:mining reviewRainbow Rare Earths is advancing its Phalaborwa pilot plant programme in both South Africa and the U.S. The company has initiated the rare earth oxide separation process at its partner K-Technologies, Inc.’s facilities in Lakeland, Florida.Innovative technology in rare earth separation for Rainbow Rare EarthsThe back-end plant in Florida employs continuous ion exchange (CIX) and continuous ion chromatography (CIC) to produce separated rare earth oxides. This technique, pioneered by K-Tech, is an alternative to traditional solvent extraction methods. It will yield critical r...
Release time: 2024 - 01 - 16
source:Live scienceScientists have genetically modified a tiny bacterium to rapidly purify the rare-earth metals used in computers, electric car batteries and hard drives.The new technique, described in a paper published Dec. 6 in the journal Synthetic Biology, could one day replace the environmentally harmful methods currently used to separate these elements from the  metals with which they're normally found, researchers said.Rare-earth elements (REEs), or lanthanides, include the elements dysprosium, terbium and neodymium and are found on the third group and sixth row of the periodi...
Release time: 2024 - 01 - 15
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