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source:The Chemical EngineerRESEARCHERS at Penn State University, US, have developed a mussel-inspired nanocellulose coating (MINC) that can extract neodymium – a critical mineral used in clean energy technologies – from secondary sources such as industrial wastewater without using a high amount of energy.  Playing a vital role in the production of lightweight, efficient batteries, and as essential powerful magnetic components in wind turbines, rare earth elements (REEs), including lithium and neodymium, are in high demand.  Despite their name, many REEs are actually common in t...
Release time: 2023 - 08 - 28
source:IFLSCIENCERare earth metals are set to take center stage in the “green revolution” as they provide high-performance magnets used in renewable infrastructure like wind turbines, high-tech appliances, and electric cars. However, getting our hands on these much-sought-after materials is not always easy. Fortunately, there might be a solution in the form of a mysterious metal usually cooked up in space.Despite their name, rare earth metals are not exactly rare, but they’re scattered across Earth’s crust in relatively low concentrations. Mining can, therefore, be tricky and entail its own en...
Release time: 2023 - 08 - 25
European Green Metals: Unlocking Europe’s critical minerals with the Olserum rare earth element project source:INNOVNTIONEuropean critical minerals developer European Green Metals is making significant progress at its Olserum rare earth element project, helping to provide crucial components for Europe’s net zero drive.It is increasingly apparent that Europe must develop its own supply chain of critical minerals to support its green energy strategy. European Green Metals Ltd (EGM) aims to help in this regard, developing a portfolio of critical minerals projects, including the Olserum rare ...
Release time: 2023 - 08 - 24
source:MiningCuFe Ltd (ASX:CUF) has delivered significant initial rare earth elements, niobium and lithium rock chip samples during early-stage exploration at its North Dam Project in Western Australia. The project, which hosts numerous pegmatites ranging in thickness, is just 29 kilometres south of Mineral Resources’ Mt Marion Mine and 50 kilometres SSE of Coolgardie. First-pass investigations at North Dam have included general reconnaissance, outcrop mapping and rock chip sampling, with a significant area across the tenement yet to be covered.Sampling and mappingThe company has inv...
Release time: 2023 - 08 - 23
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