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Source:The research report on “Global Rare-earth Bonded Magnet Market 2019” delivers detailed prognosis on current and forecast market situation of global rare-earth bonded magnet market in the assessment period, 2019-2028. The analysis assesses rare-earth bonded magnet market increase report, earnings station, manufacturers profiled in rare-earth bonded magnet industry, a market analysis of product type, application, and region in detail. The rare-earth bonded magnet report also consists of key drivers and limiting factors affect the rare-earth bonded magnet market growth in industry trends o...
Release time: 2019 - 01 - 22
Source:Christian Science MonitorOn Minamitori Island, Japan, an enormous rare-earth mineral deposit has been found. It’s estimated to be enough – at 16 million tons of ore – to supply industrialized societies for centuries. Elements like yttrium, dysprosium, europium, and terbium are used in products such as smartphone batteries and electric cars. There are few other deposits of -rare-earth minerals that are economically viable for mining, meaning Japan will be a major player in the market. Previously, China and the United States had much of the world’s supply.In the United States, thousa...
Release time: 2019 - 01 - 21
Source:Proactive Investors AustraliaPensana Metals Ltd (ASX: PM8) has received further high-grade rare earth oxide (REO) results from drilling at the Longonjo Neodymium–Praseodymium (NdPr) Project in Angola.These results are the final assays from a 108-hole drilling program in 2018 with a revised resource estimate scheduled for completion next month.Best results include:- 50 metres at 5.63% REO, including 1.00% NdPr oxide from surface to end of hole;- 33 metres at 5.42% REO including 0.88% NdPr from surface;- 10 metres at 8.5% REO including 1.5% NdPr from 38 metres; and- 26 metres at 2.57% REO...
Release time: 2019 - 01 - 18
Source:UKNow Sustainability and coal mining don't typically go hand in hand, but a project at the University of Kentucky is offering an opportunity to bring the two together.At least that is the hope of Jack Groppo and Jim Hower, researchers at the UK Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER), where they are locating and evaluating rare earth elements (REEs) found in coal and processing coal byproducts.REEs are a series of 17 elements within the Earth's crust. Due to their unique chemical properties, REEs are essential components of technologies spanning a range of applications, i...
Release time: 2019 - 01 - 17
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