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instructions: The application and theoretical problem of rare earth in medicine has been the research project emphasized by the whole world for a long term.  The pharmacological effects of rare earth have been found by human beings early.  The rare earth used in medicine at the earliest is the cerium salts.  For example, the cerous oxalate can be used to treat the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, which has been recorded in the Pharmacopoeia.  In addition, the simple inorganic cerium salts can be used as the antiseptic for the wounds.  Since the 1960s, a series of special pharmacodynamic effects of the rare earth compounds has been found consecutively.  It is the rare earth compound used as the excellent antagonist of Ca2+ for sedation and analgesia, which can be extensivel...
instructions: The rare earth market is a diversified market with 15 rare earth elements, yttrium, scandium and other compounds from the chloride with 46% of purity and the single rare earth oxide with the 99.9999% of purity and the rare earth metals, which all have various usages, instead of some individual product. If the relevant chemical compounds are added, the products are numerous.   Therefore, we will introduce the separating method and smelting process of the rear earth one by one with the initiating from the exploitation of the ores. 1. Rare earth concentration Mineral concentration refers to mechanical process to concentrate the useful minerals in the ores and eliminate the hazardous impurities by taking advantages of the differences of the physicochemical properties of all kind...
instructions: The rare earth elements have rich electron structures and present many properties of light, electricity and magnetism.  After the nano-crystallization of rare earth, the new features of the rare earth, such as the effect of small size, effect of high surface area, quantum effect, extremely strong light, electricity and magnetism, super conductivity and high chemical activity, etc., can greatly improve the performances and functions of the materials and can be developed more new materials.  The rare earth will play a vital role in the high-tech fields of optical materials, luminescent materials, crystal materials, magnetic materials, battery materials, electronic ceramics, engineering ceramics and catalysts, etc. 1. Current field of research, development and application 1) Rare-ea...
instructions: Rare earth has been extensively used in the traditional industries, such as steels, irons, non-ferrous metals, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry, glass, ceramics and agriculture, forest and husbandry.  As the “vitamins” in modern industry, thought the consumption of rare earth is small, the effect is significant with giant radical economic benefits. The rare earth streated steels and rare earth cast irons have been widely used in trains, vehicles, rails, components of automobiles, all kinds of machinery equipment, oil-gas pipeline and weapons, etc.  The rare earth aluminum wires and cables with the technical characteristics of our country have been broadly applied in the high voltage power transmission systems.  When using the rare earth catalysts for petroleum...
instructions: Origin of the names and usage of the 17 rare earth elementsLanthanum (La)The element, “Lanthanum” is named in 1839 by Sweden Mosander, with the “didymia” in Greek when he found the elements in the ceria. From that on, lanthanum started to appear on the stage of history.The application of lanthanum is very extensive.  For example, this element can be used in the piezoelectric materials, electro-thermal materials, thermoelectric materials, magneto-resistance materials, optical materials (such as the phosphor), hydrogen storage materials, optical glass, laser materials and other varieties of alloy materials, etc.  In addition, lanthanum is also applied into the catalysts of many organic chemical products.  The light-transformed agricultural film also adopts the lanthanum. ...
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